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Community Requests

Metamimicry is requesting
Find us a research paper
We are looking for bioremediation research papers for constructing our digital library which can be found at Examples can be found there as well. Right now th...

To explore accessible biological solutions for our time’s most pressing environmental pollutants.
Raju is requesting
Best CBD Gummies May Be the Right C
What are the [best cbd]( gummy bears? Which gummy bears offer the most effective combination of dosage and value? To find out, read on to find a list of the To...

Kim is requesting
Help me illustrate a book
I have been asked by a friend to illustrate her children’s book and I am lost!! Would love someone to help me figure out dimensions for originals and help with formatting tips and other advice. Pl...

Jessa is requesting
Grow a garden for beginners
I’d like to start growing vegetables and fruits in my yard. The zone I’m in is 8a … I’m not sure what other info is needed but I do have a fox and raccoon and a few very healthy mice who I’ve seen ...

Simbi is an amazing way to connect with others and work together. I love this service! <3
Jason is requesting
Read my articles
Willing to pay 3 simbi per article. All articles are either short poems of 100-150 words or informational pieces around 600 words. Topics range from nature to wellness to photography and politics.

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Ian is requesting
Playoffs talk? Chat about MLB.
I was interested in baseball this year because it was nice to get to a game or two in person. The recent years without any stadium visits were hard on all the fans. I was wondering if anyone wanted...

I am interested in what you have to offer and look forward to finding amazing things here on Simbi.c
Ludmil is requesting
Help with remote viewing
I am looking for someone experienced with remote viewing and telepathy to help me develop my psychic abilities

I can offer my skills to people
Amaya is requesting
Need Help With Social media
Hello I am needing help with removing my information off Google search for everyone to have access to it. I want to have a more discreet online profile where others cannot have such easy access. I ...

To expand my services to help others
Konor is requesting
Product photography
was hoping to send out some product items to ya. Mainly jewelry and get some lovely accent shots with a natural vibe element vibe going on. Might be able to try and find some examples. I was also ...

I think this platform provides great opportunities for humanity to come that much closer together and starts a new economic structure, allowing room for more interconnected growth as a race. It is ...
Marcus is requesting
Debug Script
I'm looking for someone who knows Javascript, CSS, and HTML. I have a simple 4 line script I'm creating to submit input value from one input box to another with an onclick function, but it is not...

Konor is requesting
Graphic design photoshop white bkg
Hey there, I'm in need of just product photos with white background edits done where you cut out the image and throw it on pure white but leave some shadow to make it pop out. Are you skilled and a...

I think this platform provides great opportunities for humanity to come that much closer together and starts a new economic structure, allowing room for more interconnected growth as a race. It is ...
Yusuf is requesting
I need to create audio files
Hi I'm developing a piano app, and I need scale notes with a quarter tunes in mp3 format that contains 25 keys, just like the picture,

Tessa is requesting
Voice lessons
I've sang informally my whole life, and participated in various choirs, including a fairly intensive competitive barbershop chorus. But I've never had voice lessons tailored to my voice! Over time,...

I'm passionate about transforming the economy, and believe in another way to do things.
Dr JuJu is requesting
Logo Design
I'm looking to get my logo redesigned to be simple, clean, modern, sophisticated and yet feel deeply spiritual/connected without being religious or new age cliché. After the initial design with ...

Thrilled that we can share our gifts & talents in helping one another evolve & thrive with/o the $$$
Stephen is requesting
Marketing of SPADES Community
Need help marketing, getting out the word, about a new social and commercial networking platform built by peace-builders for charity and non-profit organizations that are helping those in need. Th...

Aïta is requesting
Let's discuss Economics News
Hello, everybody, I am looking for someone I can dialogue about economics, financial news. If you are interested hit me up :).

What a great community it is. Sharing, learning without having to worry about money. Proud member.
Sohaib is requesting
Video editing services
I am looking for someone who can edit me video according to the voiceover. Find free footages from internet according to the voiceovers and create a simple video.

It's a very good website for the people having some skills and want to display them to the World and also to keep polishing their skills and also earn through them. The most interesting feature in...
Lou is requesting
In NEED of a laptop
Hi there looking for a laptop in exchange for work if interested. Digital marketing and such. Let me know if interested.

I find Simbi a great resource and networking tool for like minded Entrepreneurs to work together.